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Dolphin Asesores is a consultancy firm in Palma de Mallorca, which for more than 20 years has delivered unrivalled support and guidance in the areas of law and taxation. A wide range of companies, professionals, individuals, residents and non-residents rely on Dolphin Asesores to ensure they make a success of various facets of life on Mallorca.
Jaime Perera Vich & Jose Clar Barcelo

Together, economist Jaime Perera Vich and attorney Jose Clar Barcelo - both dedicated tax specialists - steer their valued clients through all aspects of the Spanish legal and tax system.

Owing to the dependability and deep expertise of its attorney partners, Dolphin Asesores enjoys a solid reputation for excellence in the Balearics and beyond. Around 75% of clients are non-Spanish nationals, gaining the benefit of comprehensive service in English.

How Dolphin Asesores can help you

Property Conveyance
Property Conveyance

Make your story in Spain one of the successes, and avoid potential pitfalls regarding your property purchase. When you find the home of your dreams on Mallorca and want to make sure that the legal side of the transaction is in order and indeed that all the proper planning licenses exist, Dolphin is your professional adviser every step of the way.

Company Formation
Company Formation

Settling upon an optimal business structure calls for a meticulous study of your personal and fiscal situation. After conducting a thorough assessment, Dolphin Asesores considers which structure you should adopt from a corporate and tax perspective. Further to this, all the stages of processing are taken care of until your company is fully established.

Business Development
Business Development

Dolphin Asesores demonstrates a firm commitment to overcoming each obstacle your business may face in its development and continuation. After analysing its specific characteristics – size, activity, employees etc. – Dolphin’s specialists put their invaluable knowledge to work formulating an operating proposal, which works to effectively address all tax, labour, accounting and legal considerations.

Furthermore, by embracing collaborations with outside consultants whenever necessary, Dolphin maximises the decision-making processes of each company in its care.

Company Follow Up
Company Follow Up

Rest assured that your business will continue to benefit from a permanent follow up of its tax and financial situation. Periodic meetings between your management and Dolphin will deliver the insight of external vision. Handling all the essential elements of bookkeeping and accountancy, the professionals at Dolphin leave you free to further your business.

Services include preparing your official books; conducting tax preparation; and interpreting and analysing balance sheets and profit and loss accounts, giving you the clearest picture possible.

Professional Company Guidance
Professional Company Guidance

Whenever your company faces a specific challenge, Dolphin Asesores navigates the hurdle on your behalf, for example when you require external financing, or in the sale and purchase of assets and property. Securing prime conditions and avoiding potential issues is the hallmark of a consultancy firm which has supported clients throughout Mallorca to prosper. Dolphin Asesores also specialises in:

  • Constitution of entities
  • Inheritance and Donation Tax Liquidation
  • Business Restructuring
  • Investment Analysis
  • Business Feasibility Studies
Help for Non-Residents
Help for Non-Residents

Are you looking to invest in Spain? Dolphin Asesores are leading specialists in:

  • Professional legal and tax advice in the sale and purchase of real estate properties by non-residents.
  • Professional legal and tax advice in business investment and incorporating Spanish Public Limited Companies by non-residents in Spain.
Since the company’s inception in 1993, Dolphin Asesores has been dealing effectively with the specific challenges of foreign nationals. Although in recent years they have offered their processional advice for investments to the rest of Spain


Founded in 1993, Dolphin Asesores has consistently gone from strength to strength. Distinguishing service is one of the keys to the firm's success. At Dolphin, clients have always known they'll benefit from constant support, easy communication, and reassuring updates; the kind of experience they're used to receiving from the best of northern European companies.

For more than two decades, Dolphin has responded adeptly to the needs of foreigners and Spanish nationals on Mallorca, delivering perfect solutions to business, investment, and real estate interests.


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